Xtreme Drone Racing Micro

Platforms: iOS / Android

Xtreme Drone Racing Micro is an arcade racing game developed for mobile platforms. The game puts emphasis on fast-paced action, with 40 AI competitors and short bursts of gameplay. Defeat your rivals, earn coins and completely customise your drone with over 40 million combinations!

Doctor Who: A Nemesis Reborn Logo

Doctor Who: A Nemesis Reborn

Platforms: iOS / Android

A Nemesis Reborn is a four-part interactive comic, available for mobile platforms, letting you experience a fresh story within the Doctor Who universe. Navigate your way through a compelling tale featuring many of your favourite characters whilst solving puzzles and completing minigames.

Part comic, part game, all fun.

Counting Sheep Logo

Counting Sheep

Platforms: Web

Counting Sheep is a Flappy Bird inspired arcade side-scroller. You play as a sheep stuck in DreamLand, the only way out is for you to wake up! In a strange reverse of fate, count as many sheep in the dream as you can to fall asleep and escape! Experience my cute take on the genre.

Puzzle Kings Logo

Puzzle Kings

Platforms: Windows

Puzzle Kings is an updated version of the classic ’15 Puzzle’ game. You must reorder the randomly shuffled tiles of the numbers 1 – 15 back into the correct numerical order. Not only is it challenging, but with the addition of timers and higher grid sizes, the pressure is really on!

Snake Logo


Platforms: Windows

This shouldn’t need explaining right? It’s the classic arcade game ‘Snake’, built to be played in the Windows console. Eat fruit to try and grow as large as you can without eating your tail, or hitting a boundary. Simple!

Seedling Logo


Platforms: Web

Developed for Ludum Dare 34. In Seedling, you play as a small fledgling seed pod, trying to grow as tall as you possibly can. This small arcade game focuses around repetitively going through cycles of planting and growing until you can’t react fast enough!

For The Horde Logo

For The Horde

Platforms: Web

For the Horde! is a text-based RPG inspired by works such as the ‘Fighting Fantasy’ books and ‘The Hobbit’. Based in Blizzard’s ‘Warcraft’ universe, you play as a young Orc hunter seeking to gain fame and reputation as a daring adventurer.

Fantasy Shift Logo

Fantasy Shift

Platforms: Windows

Fantasy Shift is an arcade platformer with an insane difficulty level! You’ll need to push your reflexes to the max to dodge enemies and projectiles as you navigate through each level. Be sure to pick up as many coins as possible to increase your high score when you win!

Adventure Awaits Logo

Adventure Awaits

Platforms: Windows

In Adventure Awaits you follow the story of a young mountain soldier, eager to discover the mysteries that are plaguing the continent of late. Monsters are roaming free like never before, bandit activity has risen and nowhere is safe anymore. Travel through many environments, solving puzzles and recruiting adventurers to help your cause as you seek to defeat the threat to your land.